Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stoobi actually work?

Stoobi is an online noticeboard for ad hoc jobs based on the Isle of Wight. It works similarly to a village noticeboard but is quicker, more convenient and easier to manage. It is a platform to get customers to find workers. Customers post adverts, after the advert has been reviewed by Stoobi, it goes live and will be viewable on the 'View Jobs' map. Workers are then able to apply for any job they like and their details will appear on the customer's dashboard. The customer can then select the worker they wish and any others that have applied get notified that they are not needed automatically.

Stoobi does not vet workers but gives them an opportunity to provide and upload references, CV's DBS checks etc to help them secure work. Workers and customers are also rated by each other, so it is in their best interest to have good communication and get on well.

How much does it cost to post an ad?

For the moment, posting ads is a really easy process and the best bit is that it's totally free to do.

How much does it cost to become a worker?

There are no costs involved with becoming a worker or doing your job, at the moment. The total rate of pay is the pay that you receive. Once we know the site is working well and you've had an opportunity to get some work we shall review the concept and monitise the site with micro payments in order to cover our costs. This won't happen for quite a while and you'll be told about this well in advance. I am keen that any costs will be kept to an absolute minimum.

How does the rating system work?

The rating system was a really difficult issue to deal with. We understand that the whole basis of Stoobi is to recommend each other by use of a rating system, but because this is based on opinion of individuals, it can be difficult to manage fairly. We have decided to use a simple yes or no answer to the question 'Would you work with this person again?' However, this may change as Stoobi builds into a popular site among customers and workers.

What data do you hold on me?

At Stoobi, we take the security of the information you give us very seriously. It is solely for the use of advising you of what's going on in the Stoobi community. For customers, your name, postcode and any contact details you've given us will be passed on to the worker. As a worker, your name, contact details and the blurb about you and your work experience will be viewable to anyone you apply to. Your name, address and contact details will be held for a period of 2 years after the last use of Stoobi unless you tell us otherwise. If you would like to see the information we hold about you, please contact us and we will be happy to provide it. We will NEVER sell or provide third parties with your information. Similarly, we never buy your information from third parties.

I'm under 18. Can I become a worker?

The whole idea of Stoobi is that we feel anyone of any age should be able to work when they want to. After all, my 12 year old son loves to earn money washing cars! With regards to children under the age of 16, we insist on parental supervision when using Stoobi and therefore it will be the parent or guardian who owns the account, this is in our terms and conditions. Safety is of the utmost importance, and it is essential that parents/guardians know when and where children are working at all times.

What happens if I damage something on my job?

Stoobi provides a platform where customers can find workers, similar to a village noticeboard. Stoobi does not employ workers and workers do not work on behalf of Stoobi. Any disputes are therefore between the customer and worker and Stoobi will not get involved with such disputes. However if there is any criminal activity Stoobi will not withhold information should they be asked for it by any law enforcement officer.

Do you vet each worker?

Stoobi works like a village noticeboard. It allows those people who would like to earn extra money or fill gaps in their business diaries to do so. Workers are not employed by Stoobi and therefore are not personally vetted by us. However, workers can upload CV's, References, DBS Checks etc which customers can check before hiring them. The rating system should help you decide which worker to use too.

Do you vet each advert?

Yes we do! Stoobi needs to ensure each advert adheres to our terms and conditions before it goes live on our website. Should your advert not be approved, you will be contacted to say why not.

When will my advert go live?

Adverts are usually live within minutes of posting them. However, if you decide to post an ad during the middle of the night, it will probably go live early in the morning!

My customer/worker hasn't recommended me!

We advise open dialogue between customer and worker at all times to prevent misunderstandings and promote good workmanship. If you're customer has not recommended you it might be an idea to contact them professionally to enquire as to why. You may have your initial 'no recommendation' overturned!

Can I use my worker outside of Stoobi?

Of course! Stoobi absolutely promotes the use of workers outside of their platform should you build a good relationship with them.

I can't find my category.

If you can't find a category that suits you, contact us using the form on and we can add the category you need.

No one replied to my ad / When are you coming to my area?

We think Stoobi is great and at the moment it is only available on the Isle of Wight. We are a new company though and if there is enough demand in your area we will actively promote it where you are.

I have a complaint about

Stoobi was created with the sole intention of helping those customers who need something doing to find a worker quickly and easily without having to waste time ringing around those recommended to them. Stoobi is a new website and we can imagine we will not get everything right from the start. We would really appreciate your feedback either by email at or phone Tessa Rowland on 01983 550495 should you need any further information or have any complaints about the Stoobi concept itself. Unfortunately as Stoobi is based on a village noticeboard idea and do not vet the workers you find, we cannot get involved with customer/worker disputes.