Meet the Stoobi Team 

About Us

"The idea of Stoobi first came into my head on a sunny dog walk in June 2015. With friends visiting that weekend, I really wanted to find someone to give me a hand for a few hours with our barbecue and do the washing up in return for some money – very indulgent, but what a treat it would be!

I was amazed when I started looking online, I couldn’t find anyone to do this type of last minute, ad hoc work. I thought there must be some way of connecting those wanting a job done with others looking for casual work.

That’s how Stoobi started!"
Tessa Rowland – Founder

Stoobi Founder Tessa Rowland

Everyone can relate to this story and at some point, we would all like something doing that we can’t or don’t have time to do ourselves.
We have a fabulous, small, but dedicated, team who have worked together for the last two years to build this online notice board with customers (who place the ads) and workers (looking for ad hoc jobs) in mind. We aim:

  • To build a Stoobi community that everyone enjoys using and can be proud to use.
  • To make it an easy and speedy way to find work or someone to do the work.
  • To give hard working people a chance to earn extra money.
  • To be a trustworthy site to find someone to do the job well.
  • To treat everyone with respect and without judgement regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

We hope you have a great experience using Stoobi!