The Gig Economy - It's really bad..........Isn't it?

Thursday, 21st June 2018 The Gig Economy - It's really bad..........Isn't it?

The Gig Economy – It's really bad……. Isn't it?

We've been told countless times of the uncertainty of 'gigging', where anything but permanent work is frowned upon. Apparently we MUST find a proper fulfilling job that will give a regular income so we can survive.

Well, to many of us that just doesn't work.

  • What if you're a retiree, wanting to earn a bit of extra money as an alternative to loneliness or the cliché of games of Bridge and rounds of golf?
  • What if you're between jobs and just need to keep on top of the bills?
  • What if you're a student off to Uni in a few months and want to go travelling in the summer?
  • What if you're a full time mum and just want something that's going to earn a bit of money and work around the school holidays?

Finding ad hoc work can be thoroughly rewarding. Mostly paid, it's a great way of working the hours you want to. It can give you the confidence to start up your own business and find your customers easily.

I met a qualified electrician the other day who would love to set out himself. Giving half his income to his employer wasn't what he had in mind. He wanted to make that leap into self-employment but was afraid of not making enough money to start with.

That's where ad hoc job sites come in. Sites such as Airtasker in Australia, and Task Rabbit in the USA have shown us here in the UK it will work. is launching this summer too, firstly at the founder's base on the wonderful Isle of Wight and then over to the 'North Island' to give those wanting to earn extra money the chance to do so, free of charge doing all those jobs, skilled or otherwise that others can't or don't have time to do. It will allow absolutely anyone, regardless of ability, age, or gender to work at a time and in an area that suits them.

From helping someone with their accounts to dog grooming, from bar work and seasonal work to building your cleaning business. Absolutely anything ad hoc will be advertised on Just like your noticeboard in the local village shop but conveniently online.

Anyone can join the Stoobi community as long as you have a great work ethic, are trustworthy and reliable – you just need to sign up and get jobs you like pinned on your personal map, choose the work you want, do a great job and get paid by your happy customer.

What are you waiting for?!