4 Brilliant Things to do in your Gap Year!

Thursday, 1st November 2018 4 Brilliant Things to do in your Gap Year!

School has finally finished and those years of hard work are over……….for now. The long hours with your head in your books, drinking umpteen cups of coffee and frying your brain with information overload seem long gone and for now, it's just one long holiday! Results come out next week and the uncertainty of Uni offers are looming.

There are those students that are ready to crack on with more education, and the possibility of a hedonistic four years ahead are too exciting.

For others, perhaps the more laid back approach of a Gap Year is rather appealing.

You have a whole year in front of you before the start Uni or the opportunity to get some serious work – what on earth are you going to do?

1. Of course for a lot of you, travelling will be at the top of the list.

Six months with a 'Round The World' ticket in your pocket and everything you own on your back is definitely a draw. The prospect of meeting new people and bumping into old is being made all the more easier with the invention of Snap Maps. Everywhere is accessible now and you can hone in on the bits that float your boat by the power of social media showing you the biggest and best 'go to' places for the obligatory selfie.

2. Find meaningful work abroad to pack out your CV.

Conservation or charitable jobs in numerous fields that interest you such as helping villagers in the poorest countries to find water and build schools, to assisting with the protection of endangered animals in game reserves. This meaningful work can last from a couple of weeks to several months and a great way of giving your time to help others.

3. Doing a ski season in the Alps or North America/Canada.

This can be a fabulous way to spend the winter. Perfecting your snowboarding skills whilst earning money from either cooking, cleaning, waiting, bar jobs and everything in between is certainly very appealing. As well as being paid, often you'll find that if you work for a company such as Powder White, ski passes and accommodation can be included with the job too. Tips can make your money last longer and clients often like nothing more than buying a drink or two for their lovely chalet host!

4. Get a good old fashioned job and start saving!

Whether it's for a house deposit, car or just so you can get that plane ticket to Australia, you probably need to earn money to do any of the above!