Two Minute Teaser with Martin Rogers - The Island's favourite Pest Controller

Monday, 1st October 2018 Two Minute Teaser with Martin Rogers - The Island's favourite Pest Controller

Got a pest infestation? Then look no further than one of the Island's brilliant Pest Controllers - Martin Rogers from Good Knight Environmental. He deals with all sorts of problems from rats to wasp's nests and everything in between. We had a quick catch up over a coffee at Busy Bee's Garden Centre!

Morning Martin,

What made you start up your own business?

I spent quite a few years working for a big company of pest controllers in Bournemouth and hated the red tape and ripping off that often goes with working for someone else. I wanted to move back to the Island and start up on my own. I knew the business inside out and wanted to give a great service at an affordable price.

Why Pest Control?

Well most customers are happy to see me and I get great satisfaction from solving people's problems!

Which area's of the Isle of Wight do you cover?

All over.

What's been your favourite job and why?

Definitely moles and rabbits. I love being in the fresh air especially on a sunny day.

What's been your worst job?

I hope you're not eating! I have to fit one way rat flaps to sewer pipes to stop them appearing in your bathroom! It's a horrible, smelly, dirty job but it's nice to know that I've made a difference to that person.

What do you like/dislike about your customers?

There's nothing worse than customers leaving it a long time thinking it'll just go away. It 's great when I get called out at the beginning of the problem and we can get it solved in one go.

So, here's a quick fire round to get an idea of who you are!

East or West Wight? East!

Summer or Winter? Summer

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Sweet or Savory? Savory

Fact or Fiction? Fact

Going out or Staying in? Staying in

On the water or On dry land? On dry land

Insects or Rodents? Rodents, especially at this time of year!

You'll find Martin on Stoobi. If you have a pest problem, quickly post a free ad and Martin will get back to you.