Two Minute Teaser with Claire Garrett - A Fabulously Brilliant Cleaner

Thursday, 4th October 2018 Two Minute Teaser with Claire Garrett - A Fabulously Brilliant Cleaner

We took a couple of minutes to chat with Claire Garrett who, whilst looking after a busy family, set up her own Cleaning Business. Here's what she had to say.

Hi Claire

What made you start up your own business?

With a large family, a new baby and a new puppy it was really difficult to commit to the long hours of a contract cleaning company. I love the flexibility of running my own business and working the hours around my family commitments.

What made you go into cleaning?

I absolutely love cleaning! My husband and friends think I'm a bit mad but I love walking into a home that needs a clean and leave it a couple of hours later looking really fresh. It's really nice to feel appreciated and to make a difference to someone else's busy life.

Which area's of the Island do you cover?

At the moment I'm working in Sandown, Shanklin, Lake, Ryde and Seaview.

What's been your favourite job and why?

I clean weekly for a mad family with lots of kids and I know they really appreciate me being there. I know I've made a difference and have been told many times by the mum it's such a relief when she walks back in the door. She says it keeps her sane!

What's been your worst job?

It's really awful when I go in somewhere and I tread on food that's been sitting there for ages. However it just spurs me on to do a brilliant job.

What do you like or dislike about cleaning?

All my customers area gorgeous and I really want to make sure their clean's really done well.

So we'll do some quick fire questions to get to know you.

East Wight or West Wight? East

Summer or Winter? Summer

Dogs or Cats? Definitely Dogs

Sweet or Savory? Sweet

Fact or Fiction? Love a good book - Fiction

Going out or Staying in? Going out with my friends

On the water or On dry land? On the water - Love it!

Thanks so much Claire.

You can find Claire on - Just post your ad and she can reply.